Young scientists develops solar air cooler

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Mararikulam: Muhamma Chirayil C.S Rishikesh, a young scientist from the state, has developed a solar-powered air cooler that will cut down electricity bills drastically. He is also the recipient of an award from the President for rural innovations.

The electronic circuits that contain micro-controller chips regulate the solar energy absorbed by solar panels, and use it for charging the battery and operating the blowers. The container above the cooling unit must be filled with cold water or ice. The water reaches the evaporator coil through the exhaust pipe and cools the fins faster than that in an air-conditioner. At the same time, the automatic control circuits operate four small blower fans.

The air in the room that enters the evaporator cools down quickly and is spread within the whole room by the blower fans. Rishikesh claims that a single charging of the battery is enough to operate the cooler continuously for one and a half days. The total cost of construction of the solar air cooler is Rs. 17,000.

The procedure for patenting the invention has already started. Rishikesh is the son of Muhamma Chirayil Late Mr.Sukumaran and Late Mrs. Ratnamma.

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