Man-eater tiger shot down

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Gudalur: A seven-year-old male man-eater tiger was shot down by a special team from Tamil Nadu at the Devarshola village in Nilgiris District which lies on the Kerala-TN border. The tiger was shot on the head at 3:14 p.m yesterday at the Woodbriar Private Tea Estate.

Two members of the special team, Santhosh and Ravi, were also accidentally shot at while targeting the tiger. But doctors confirmed that their injuries were not serious.

On March 11, Makuvora, an employee of the Woodbriar Estate, was killed by the tiger for food. After this, a special team was constituted to catch the tiger. Attempts to catch it using tranquilizers and cages had failed, and fear of the tiger began to disrupt the daily life of the villagers. Following this, the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) gave permission to shoot down the tiger.

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